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We believe that there is a designer hidden in most of us.

We all have items which make us feel special every time we wear them. We want to give you that feeling every time you wear one of our pieces. This is why we will neither compromise on the quality nor the craftsmanship put into every piece.


Everyone with a great idea can be part of Meracai. By eliminating in-house design teams we have chosen to work with creative minds around the world from Stockholm to Singapore.


No matter the design chosen, Meracai Jewelry is and will be crafted by talented artisans who have been making precious, high quality jewelry for many generations. They have helped turn thousands of designs into actual pieces of jewelry using lasting materials and finished by hand.

Meracai owner

Meet the owner!

My name is Carola Westin. I am from Sweden and live in Singapore. With my nordic design background I want to offer minimalistic, simple and stylish fine jewelry for everyday use with a deeper meaning. I collaborate with jewelry designers from all over the world.  

Meracai owner

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